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What's New

05-Jul-10 Hello! First update in years! Just a few minor changes. The original files are lost and I'm working from the download of the site files. With the optimized HTML, this is kind of a hassle. I am working strictly in WYSISYG mode.
01-Oct-06CAP2006 photos. Minor progress on Beijing Mar 06 photos.
04-Mar-06Fiona months 13-15. Minor corrections to a few typos. Small changes to the link bars. Note that although FP provides a lot of cool buttons, they don't work with the auto-link feature that generates links from the navigation hierarchy. Cool buttons must have their links manually set, which is more than I have time to deal with.

Also added "Links" page.

28-Feb-06Finally added cool pictures of the crane and helicopter to the "Fireworks" page. Also added Fiona's 10-12 month picture page, but I don't think I like the FP2003 Slide Show implementation. Of course, ongoing corrections of various minor typos.
24-Feb-06Geez. Has it really been more than 6 months? Time flies. I have bought FP2003 and have made scattered attempts to learn how to use the more advanced features it has and HOPE to implement them soon. Meanwhile, just a few cosmetic fixes and status updates. GPB has gathered data and lost all its helium and is warming up. Fiona is walking and babbling like nuts.
10-Sep-05Added Fiona's 10-month birthday pictures (unfortunately, a lapse in my diligence caused icky white balance leading to excessive redness)

Added section on polarizers to the photography page

05-Sep-05Added Fuji disassembly pictures.

Screwed up all the formatting by accidentally applying a theme to the entire web instead of only to a single page. Then I found out that something is wrong with my installation of Front Page and I can't get buttons. And you can't undo applying a theme. So I was left with a bit of a mess. I've fixed most of it, but the colors and fonts are not quite what they were before. Maybe that's better anyway since before it was all kind of random. Now at least it's more consistent (with artistic license here and there).

August-05Updated the whole site to include Fiona pictures and family pictures, thoughts on photography, and some better Mandelbrot images. 

Note that more than a year elapsed since the last update!

15-Jun-04E-mail to this domain is now working. Packing is nearing completion. 
12-Jun-04"About Me" for people who don't know me or what sort of problems I've inflicted on the world. Also minor grammatical fixes and more thumbnails added. Geez, I must be bored! Shouldn't I get back to packing? Nah. Have some more Scotch!
12-Jun-04Content successfully moved to mikecondron.com. Still waiting for e-mail on this domain to start working.
11-Jun-04Amniocentesis attempt #2 is successful. Added page on trisomies.
10-Jun-04Added North Carolina pictures, except Linville Caverns. Have to go eat now. This is turning out to be harder than I thought, mainly because images all have to be resized (they were shot in 1600x1200, which I think is a bit large for internet transfer, even if you have a high-speed connection). But there's also a lot of stuff to take care of laying it all out, which obviously I am still getting the hang of.