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About me

I was born 23-Dec-65 in Burlingame, CA. I went to school and learned a few things. I ultimately graduated from San Jose State University with a BS in Physics (with distinction!) in 1988. I then went on to attempt to learn more physics at Stanford, where I studied an ultra-low noise superconducting magnetic field sensor called a SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device). These things have so far found only one practical (and some would argue with that characterization) application, which is in the Gravity Probe B experiment that was just recently actually launched. Click here for news on that project. My understanding, as of this writing, is that the probe has gathered its data, which is being analyzed, and lost all its liquid helium. Somewhere on that web site you can find the one or two papers I wrote while there.

Ultimately, I decided that physics was not for me, and chose to try medicine instead, so in 2000, I started at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. Check them out at www.mmc.edu. I graduated there with my M.D. and am now in the workforce as forensic pathologist, of all things, at the Harris County Medical Examiner Office (uh, no, that's the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences, after our new name change).

Actually, I was in the workforce prior to my upcoming residency. I worked for several years after leaving Stanford at Recognition Systems, as well as several consultancy positions at other companies. Most of them won't talk to me any more. You can see Recognition Systems' cool product, as well as their new fingerprint thing, at www.recogsys.com. I was responsible for generally making sure that nothing worked right, including the optics, firmware, recognition algorithm, production test stations, and bar code reader. Anything else that did not work right is not my fault.

When I'm not causing trouble at work, I stay busy trying to keep my daughter from killing herself as she ventures out into the world. I also am busy trying to make sure my lawn doesn't die in the brutal Houston sun. I may go bankrupt paying my water bill. But only if the pesticide bill to kill the fire ants, chinch bugs, mosquitoes, and wasps doesn't get me first.