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Canon S2IS
Fuji Disassembly

We bought a new digital camera, the Canon S2IS. Read about it here.

It has really stimulated my interest in photography. I've not done a whole lot of shooting, since residency and Fiona keep me busy most of the time, but these pages show a few technical exercises I've tried. 

There are some shots of fireworks and some macro shots of a few small objects to illustrate depth of field issued.

I have a circular polarizer, which is good for cutting glare from reflective surfaces like water and windows. So far I've only taken some example shots with it, but I remember wishing I had something like it when we were at the animal exhibit in North Carolina. Click on the button at the left (or here) for examples. I have written an explanation of the physics of how this works, and why a circular rather than linear polarizer is sometimes necessary for certain types of cameras.

I have also taken a little time to briefly explore what can be done with an infrared filter. Actually, the FinePix ultimately died (the battery compartment hinge broke) and I converted it to an IR-capable camera. So I have pictures taken both with the S2 (with its IR-blocking filter still in place, of course) and the FinePix with the IR-blocking filter removed. More on this on the infrared page.

There's also a page showing the disassembly of the Fuji camera and removal of the IR-blocking filter.