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These are some images taken with the Canon S2 in either Macro or Super Macro mode. They're not meant to necessarily be beautiful, but rather to practice a technical point.

img_1099.jpg (106382 bytes)This is the most close-up shot I've taken so far. The lens was nearly right up against the bill, with just enough room to let some light in with a flashlight. This is not cropped -- this is the actual size of the image.
img_0251.jpg (52775 bytes)Close-up of a model car, actual size about 3" long.
IMG_0259 Edited.jpg (61706 bytes)This little jade kirin is about 2" long. We bought it in Shanghai.
img_0249.jpg (42173 bytes)These images are taken of the same object with the same lighting, but with different apertures. The top is F/2.7; the bottom is F/8. The shutter time was adjusted to provide roughly equal overall exposure. You can see a big difference in the depth of field -- the bottom picture is much sharper from front to back.
img_0250.jpg (43077 bytes)
img_0264.jpg (41186 bytes)Same idea as above, but with a different subject.
img_0265.jpg (45603 bytes)
img_0238.jpg (62176 bytes)C size battery.