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Fuji FinePix 2400Z with IR-blocking filter removed and Hoya R72 filter.

dscf0055.jpg (27801 bytes)My front yard. The auto-focus was a bit confused.
dscf0056.jpg (35617 bytes)My front yard, looking toward the street from the walkway to the front door.
dscf0065.jpg (27545 bytes)My back yard, looking over the fence.
dscf0066.jpg (47209 bytes)My back yard, looking at the lawn and some potted herbs.
dscf0069.jpg (32282 bytes)Adam's backyard lawn.
dscf0070.jpg (52686 bytes)Adam's backyard shrubs.
dscf0060.jpg (361452 bytes)Fiona in my office without the Hoya filter in front of the camera.
dscf0061.jpg (354150 bytes)Same thing as above but with the Hoya filter and no conversion to B&W. Not in focus -- the auto focus gets confused a lot with this setup.