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This is me after I received my diploma and was invested with the Hood. There were really no good places to take pictures, so we just picked a random place and started clicking. Sorry about the lighting. Dinner was at Princeton's Grill in the Green Hills mall. I don't know why they crammed us into the little space they did, but we made the best of it.

In attendance were many family members. I will include descriptions for friends who are not totally up to speed on all the details of my family. Mom is my actual mother; Linda is my father's 3rd wife (2nd was not here); Susan is my father's friend. Erin is Linda's first cousin once removed. Jeremiah is my first cousin once removed. Grandma is my father's mother, and indeed my only living grandparent. Carolyn is my father's sister. Eva is my sister. Got it? Now draw a family tree.

There are more pictures, which will be added at a later time.

Me and Lili

Me, Mother and Father -- can we all look in the same direction?

Grandma (my left) and Aunt Carolyn (my right)

Eva and Jeremiah

Dad and Susan

Everyone at graduation dinner -- photo by Erin

Linda and Erin at graduation dinner

Lili and Eva at the Belle Meade mansion 

on Sunday afternoon