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Sep 5, 2005

So happy!

This is my first attempt at using a real FrontPage 2003 feature -- the Slide Show version of Photo Gallery. It is kind of nice in that it took me about 4 seconds to create this thing (excluding time for typing in descriptions), but it is a little annoying because it doesn't have controls for "Next" and "Prev" or for "First" and "Last" in the show. Also, I am noticing, it doesn't work too well in 1024x768 or smaller screen modes, which is pretty ridiculous since that's the way most people operate (I usually work with 1280x1024 and have recently switched to 1600x1200 for a small programming project for a MIDI box, but I do realize that is a bit outside the norm).

Anyway, there are 29 images here. I'm not sure why the first one is chronologically out of order -- the sequence here is based on the file numbers, which ought to be in the same order as time, but somehow, it isn't.