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Here are some pictures of Fiona after she was born, up to about 2 months. Some of them were on the DVD slide show, but some are shown here for the first time in public. Sadly, since we had a rather primitive digital camera at the time, many of the shots from this time in her life are out of focus.

Fiona 016.jpg (61740 bytes)

This is Fiona in the car set on the way home

Fiona 019.jpg (59963 bytes)

On the couch on her first day home

Fiona 033.jpg (70408 bytes)

Again on the couch

Fiona 045.jpg (64966 bytes)

One of the pictures showing her jaundice

Fiona 047.jpg (54259 bytes)

The white balance was all messed up here, but I've tried to color correct it. The lingering orange tone to her skin is the jaundice

dscf0935.jpg (70225 bytes)

A favorite around work

dscf0952.jpg (76771 bytes)

Christmas Day!

dscf0982.jpg (38304 bytes)


dscf0999.jpg (65813 bytes)

Part of a long photo session with Lili


dscf1006.jpg (65411 bytes)

One of the first shots of her really smiling

dscf1090.jpg (62171 bytes)

Looking mysteriously content

dscf1113.jpg (54548 bytes)

More of the long photo session

dscf1117.jpg (47128 bytes)

Cute in her hat

dscf1143.jpg (357765 bytes)

The famous silly goldfish picture. She looked so chubby.