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Fiona was born in the Women's Hospital on Fannin Street just outside the Medical Center in Houston on November 10, 2004 at 7:25 pm. Here are some shots of her just after she was born. This was before I had a nice camera and before I had much interest in photography, so there aren't very many.

Fiona 001.jpg (85768 bytes)

This is Lili before the delivery

Fiona 002.jpg (76017 bytes)

Fiona right after delivery

Fiona 004.jpg (69468 bytes)

Fiona again, crying very loudly

Fiona 005.jpg (65570 bytes)

Fiona again, taking a breath

Fiona 007.jpg (64482 bytes)

3229 gm = 7 lb 1.7 oz

Fiona 011.jpg (59391 bytes)

Her little mouth still looks like this when she cries

Fiona 010.jpg (68512 bytes)

Mom & Fiona

Fiona 015.jpg (58633 bytes)

Dad & Fiona

Fiona 012.jpg (57044 bytes)

Dr. Robeson & Fiona