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Ultrasound Images
Months 0-2
Months 7-9
Months 10-12
First Birthday
Months 13-15

Here are a bunch of pictures of Fiona at various stages in life up to now.

Unfortunately, some of the earlier ones where taken with a rather primitive digital camera and before we knew what we were doing. I've only put some of the good ones here, but there are a lot more that are out of focus, poorly lit, and have the wrong white balance. Things got much better with the purchase of the Canon S2-IS in mid-June 2005.

I will upload pictures from months 3-6 as time permits. Higher priority will be given to more recent images.

US4crop.jpg (88199 bytes)


Fiona 005.jpg (65570 bytes)


dscf1117.jpg (47128 bytes)

0-2 Months

<coming soon>

3-6 Months


img_2660.jpg (57149 bytes)

7-9 Months


10-12 Months


<coming soon>

First Birthday!


13-15 Months