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Ultrasound A
Ultrasound B
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Ultrasound Images

I've updated the text here to reflect the fact that this is all in the past now....

These are images from our fetal exam and attempted amniocentesis on June 4, 2004. The procedure had to be stopped, unfortunately, due to too much fetal movement and a uterine contraction that displaced the fetus forward (see image D below).

The June 11 repeat amniocentesis was successful. This included looking for trisomies as well as a confirmation of the gender by looking for XX vs XY chromosome configuration. There were no trisomies, but there was, of course, a monosomy X with a Y (i.e. Fiona is a girl).

It was pointed out to me that I had not mentioned the expected date of delivery at the time this was first written. It was approximately 15-Nov, based on the IVF fertilization date of 23-Feb. This turned out to be pretty close, and she was born on Nov 10. 

It looked like this was a girl, and the images during the Jun 11 repeat amnio confirmed this. The name that was at the top of the list was Fiona Rose Condron and this ended up being what we named her. There will also be a Chinese name which will be determined after careful consultation with appropriate experts to generate the optimal amount of positive future good luck and fortune. This, unfortunately, still has not happened. It seems that, due to some disturbance in his chi, the naming master has to wait until the next lunar calendar year to generate new names, so it will be sometime in 2006 at least.

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Click here for some information about fetal ultrasound that may help understanding the orientation of the images.