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Hello and welcome back!

I think it's best to keep this intro page rather nonspecific as to time, so no mention of current events. That way I don't have to update it every time anything happens.

No griping about the appearance of this web site! I don't have a lot of time, OK!

You can send e-mail to webmaster and postmaster at this domain.

You can also send a short (150 chars including subject line) text message to my mobile phone by sending the message to phone.

Private e-mail addresses should be obvious to those who know us.

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OK. I'm not ashamed to admit it:

However, I am getting annoyed with FP, especially after getting FP2003 and finding that most of the new features require the SharePoint services on the server, which apparently are only supported under Windows Server -- not UNIX, which many ISP's (including the one you are downloading this file from) use. Bottom line: I cannot use most of the FP features. Unfortunately, Dreamweaver is too expensive.